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Have you ever heard of Landing Pages?

Landing Pages are a one page 'website' with one goal and one call to action. If you are using any form of activity to drive traffic to your website, especially paid traffic, Landing Pages  can dramatically increase your return on investment and actually save money by harnessing the traffic your might already be paying for.

Michael Gibbins

"As soon as I started sending visitors to a specifically messaged landing page rather than generic website page I saw an increase in conversions, and was paying 75% less PPC costs"

iPad Landing Page

Michael Gibbins - Founder of Wight Hare Graphic Design

"95% of your website enquiries come from 5% of your pages"

Increasing message match ensures that your landing page contains the same message as the source of the click. When you match the look, feel and message of the source with the content on your landing page, you reassure visitors that they’re about to get the information they were after when they clicked the ad.

Optimise traffic

Landing pages let you optimise your current level of traffic, and learn from the customer with A/B testing.  Landing pages can be created and configured to serve multiple variations to visitors to enable you to discover what works best for your specific campaign


Increase ROI

Why Landing Use Pages?

Limit Distractions


Your website is full of distractions for the visitor. Navigation options, external links and only a very few of these will be related to why they have come to your site. Reduce 'leaks', keep the message focused and control the attention ratio. An average webpage has 40 ways to leave. A landing page has One.

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